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Bus Parking


Our expansive bus parking lots are located close to the entrance areas of the exhibition grounds. Please check under “Events” to see which bus parking lots are open during the exhibition you want to visit. 

Bus parking
GPS coordinatesEntrance
North 452.329819, 9.804381North 2
East 1152.330858, 9.813597East 2
South 2852.316904, 9.816091East 3
South 2952.315933, 9.816440East 3
West 3552.321599, 9.797176West 2
West 4552.326088, 9.794676West 3


  Your bus passengers may exit e.g. at our bus parking
  lots South 28 or 29 and comfortably reach entrance
  area East 3 of the exhibition grounds via
  the South skywalk with its moving walkways.

Further Information

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