Welcome to the website of GfV – Gesellschaft für Verkehrsförderung

On behalf of Deutsche Messe, GfV manages the parking lots in Hanover that are owned by Deutsche Messe. GfV was founded on May 17, 1951 by the former district of Hanover, the city of Hanover, and the municipality of Laatzen. To date, the state capital of Hanover, the Hanover Region, the city of Laatzen, and Deutsche Messe are shareholders of GfV.

Since October 2002, GfV has joined forces for “external traffic planning” with the Traffic Management Center, the police, the Region Hanover, the state capital of Hanover, and the city of Laatzen.

GfV can look back on six decades of expertise in parking lot management and is an integral part of Deutsche Messe group.

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