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This part provides an overview of the parking lots that are open during events.

The color code is identical to the labeling of our parking lots on site:

North = red
 East = blue  South = green  
West = yellow

The layout corresponds to the parking lots in the table with the capacities.
For better orientation, said coding is identical for the parking guidance system,
the big signs in the parking lots and parking and exit tickets.

If you need parking for disabled visitors, please inform our on-site staff and follow their instructions.

Please keep in mind that parking areas for disabled persons may change on short notice according to traffic requirements.

During most trade shows, pay and display parking for trucks is available at the logistics center on Karlsruher Strasse [LoZe] and for campers and caravans at our caravan parking lot [WW].

Since 2008, a low emission zone has been introduced within the city limits of Hanover. Entering motor vehicles are required to be marked with an environment sticker.

The badge is available against presentation of the registration certificate and for a fee of 5.40 EUR.

For more information regarding the low emission zone and badge requirements please check the links on the right. Low emission zone & badge requirement of the City of Hanover.

No more traffic jams
Low Emission Zone & Badge Requirement in Hanover

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