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Exhibitor Parking Tickets

Exhibitors or service providers who need a parking permit for their vehicle for the entire duration of an event, may purchase a permanent parking permit from us.

A permanent parking permit always consists of two parts

1. An A 5-format parking lot ticket for placing behind the
    windscreen for visual inspection
2. A credit card sized magnetized exit ticket for the duration of
    the event

The permanent parking lot ticket is valid only with both parts. Our staff at the parking lots is entitled to ask you to produce both parts!

The color of the A 5-format permanent parking lot ticket is event-related and does not include any assignment of parking spaces!

Purchase of permanent parking lot tickets for exhibitors

There are two times when you can buy your permanent parking lot ticket:

a) during the event
b) before the event

If you did not order your permanent parking lot ticket before the event, you may purchase it on-site at the Exhibitor Service Center.
This option is usually available a few days before the event starts and until a few days before the event is over.
Depending on the event, the exact time periods might slightly change and are indicated only in general.

For more convenience it is possible to order the permanent parking lot ticket in advance and have it mailed to you. The different options depend on the organizer of the event:

I. Events of Deutsche Messe AG

If you are an exhibitor and apply for a trade show which is not listed under I. or II., you can order your permanent parking lot ticket at in paragraph 5.3.

II. Events of Fachausstellungen Heckmann GmbH

If you are an exhibitor at Infa, ABF or Pferd & Jagd, you will find the order form for ordering permanent parking lot tickets via fax or online in paragraph 5.2 in the documents you receive from the organizer. Please check the links on the right under Fachausstellungen Heckmann GmbH

III. Events of DLG – Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft

For the DLG events EuroTier and AGRITECHNICA exhibitors receive a service package with order forms. In paragraph 12.1 you will find the order form for permanent parking lot tickets to be sent by fax. For online orders please refer to the above links of DLG

A T T E N T I O N!
Please refer to the following table for specifics regarding permanent parking tickets:

Vehicle Parking lot Specifics 
Car All car areasNo issuance of permanent parking lot tickets
TrailersDesignated areas Issuance of permanent parking lot tickets
Car parking for
disabled persons

Designated areasPermanent parking ticket at the GfV office
TransportersDesignated areasIssuance of permanent parking tickets
BusesDesignated areasNo regular permanent parking: only on request
TrucksDesignated areasIssuance of permanent parking tickets
Campers & CaravansDesignated areasNo mailing of permanent parking tickets:
tickets are handed out

Please direct questions regarding permanent parking tickets 


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