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Parking Information for Upcoming Events

2018, February 20 - 24


Take exit Messe North and South to reach all of our parking Areas.

2018, March 6 - 8


At this year's event, our north and west parking areas of the venue are open.

2018, April 23 - 27


Our parking guidance system leads you quickly and comfortably to our designated parking lots.

2018, June 11 - 15


Park your vehicle in the designated parking spaces after arrival.


4. February 2018

Parking Lot Rental

For various events outside trade shows it is possible to rent our parking lots. Please click *Company*.

4. February 2018

Traffic Information

No more traffic jams by the new NUNAV APP - free Download at our site ‘EVENTS‘

4. February 2018

Parking Lot Job Openings

For interesting secondary employment opportunities, contact us via our job page for dates and vacancies for all events.

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