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Parking Information for Upcoming Events

2018, Septembre 20 - 27


Take exit Messe North and South to reach all of our parking Areas.

2018, Octobre 13 - 21


At this year's event, our north and west parking areas of the venue are open.

2018, Octobre 23 - 26


Our parking guidance system leads you quickly and comfortably to our designated parking lots.

2018, Novembre 13 - 16


Park your vehicle in the designated parking spaces after arrival.


10. August 2018

Traffic Information

No more traffic jams by the new NUNAV APP - free Download at our site ‘EVENTS‘

10. August 2018

Parking Lot Rental

For various events outside trade shows it is possible to rent our parking lots. Please click *Company*.

10. August 2018

Parking Lot Job Openings

For interesting secondary employment opportunities, contact us via our job page for dates and vacancies for all events.

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